TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch (Grey)

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TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch (Grey)

TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch (Grey)

  • GPS Running Watch: Measures time, distance, pace, calories burned, and live stats on the go. QuickGPSFix finds your location quickly so you can get going faster.
  • Designed for Runners: Ultra-slim, lightweight, and waterproof watch designed for runners. An extra-large display and one-button control make it the perfect runner’s watch.
  • Heart Rate Monitor Pairing: Pair the watch with an external heart rate monitor strap to track fitness and monitor your workout intensity.
  • Training Programs: Set your own interval training program to improve fitness and speed.
  • Race Your Past Performances: Compete against yourself and try to run a previous workout faster.
  • Connected Features: Upload running data to TomTom MySports and many other fitness tracking apps via Bluetooth Wireless. Connect and recharge with the included USB cable.

Whether you’re running, cycling or swimming, TomTom has a range of GPS watches and accessories to help you achieve your goals. With TomTom Runner, see your detailed running metrics at-a-glance to stay motivated and reach your running goals.

List Price: $ 99.08

Price: $ 85.95

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  1. The manufacturer commented on the review belowSee comments
    359 of 373 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars Rushed to Market but Good, July 17, 2013
    Scott Beard (Lees Summit, MO) -
    This review is from: TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch (Grey) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have used a Garmin 305 for many years and decided I needed to downsize to something a little smaller. I picked this over Gramin's current lineup for the following reasons:

    1) The price is lower.
    2) It uses Bluetooth 4 instead of Ant+ which will integrate with more device and applications moving forward.
    3) It acquires satellite connections much faster than Garmin.
    4) They have greatly reduced the thickness of the watch over Garmin's. I wanted to wear it as an everyday watch and click into run mode when needed instead of carrying around a watch that is only used for runs.

    One thing I struggled with was leaving the Garmin webstie for TomTom's incomplete website. However, you can upload your runs to Garmin manually if you want. Automated uploads to other sites like Runkeeper are included. TomTom has promised to keep building out their site so I figure it will get better.

    I gave this 4 our of 5 stars only because there are some items that need to be addressed before this watch is the total package. I think they will get there but rushed to market before some of the kinks were worked out and the website was more robust. I have high hopes for the coming months.

    The size of the watch is perfect - very low profile and comfortable on the wrist.
    If you sync every three days it will pick up satellite connections very fast.
    I like that I can wear it as an everyday watch as well as my fitness tracker.
    Menu navigation is very easy.
    Nice large display that is easy to read.

    The watch band isn't tight on the watch device. It can easily fall out of the band when not on your wrist.
    The tracking website is in beta. I think this should have been a little more complete before launch. I have hopes it will be expanded soon.
    They need to figure out a way to stop accidental push of the button to end a workout. Maybe a double click or click and hold instead of a single click.

    Offer more watch bands - sizes and colors.
    Offer the ability to purchase additional charging cradles.
    Improve the watch band so it is more secure to the device.
    Improve the website.
    Make the stop of a run a little more deliberate so it can't be done my mistake.
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    Anonymous2017-07-22 03:38
  2. stem
    The manufacturer commented on this review(What's this?)
    Posted on Jul 17, 2013, 8:29:12 AM PDT
    TomTom says:
    Hello S. Beard, thank you for the detailed review and suggestions. I've shared your review with the product team. As I commented on other reviews, there are definitely plans to develop MySports further. You can see some screenshots of what's coming in DC Rainmaker's review here: For the time being we've made it as easy as we could for people to use the platform of their preference either via automatic or manual upload of their running logs.

    Update: Version 1.3.1 of the watch software is now available for download. Major new features include lap pace, input of pool length in both feet and meters, support for the 4iiii Bluetooth HRM and notifications in case you are running in demo mode.

    For the full list of updates please visit:

    We will keep releasing more updates and functionality moving forward.

    Happy to share that today, we released a new software update, version 1.4.1 for TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport GPS Watches. This update comes with the following changes:

    Version 1.4.1

    New functionality

    Training partner Race
    (Run, cycle, treadmill)
    Race yourself: Compare your current activity with one of your last ten performances. See in "real-time" where you are compared to that activity so that you can continue to improve, activity after activity.

    Interval training
    (Run, cycle, swim, treadmill)
    You can create your own unique schedule using time or distance, to better your performance or speed. The watch alerts you with beeps and buzzes when you need to switch to the next interval stage. Interval training is short periods of work followed by rest. The main aim is to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness.

    Improved cycle mode
    We now use the best available data from the Cadence & Speed Sensor and GPS.
    If a data source is temporarily lost, for example in a tunnel, we use data from the other sensor if available.

    Improvements and fixes
    The backlight in the clock mode now responds better.
    Several smaller bug fixes and performance improvements have been implemented.

    What improvements and features for TomTom Runner & Multi-Sport are you working on?

    We are also excited to share more information on the upcoming updates to the watch and MySports. Please visit:

    All the best and happy exercising!

    UPDATE: 11/18/2013
    We are happy to announce that last week, we released an update for your watch. You are welcome to connect to MySport and download it.Here are some of the Updated features:
    Version 1.5.1

    -Pausing and stopping an activity
    You can now choose to press and hold the left button for approx. 1 second to pause or stop an activity. This helps prevent accidental pausing or stopping of an activity.
    You can turn the press and hold function on and off in the settings.

    You can now use the stopwatch function on both the TomTom Runner watch and the TomTom Multi-Sport watch. You can find Stopwatch on the activities screen. Stopwatch supports laps. To use laps move right from the activity screen or touch the area on the screen for the backlight.

    -Improvements and fixes

    -The buzz (vibration) in watch menus works again.
    -We have resolved an issue that caused watches set to languages other than English to crash when races were selected.
    -Several smaller bug fixes and performance improvements have been implemented.

    For more information on the upcoming updates to the watch and MySports,please visit:

    Update: 01/31/2014: Software version 1.6.12

    I'm happy to announce we've just launched the app for iPhones and iPads running iOS6 and above. Main functions of the app include:

    * Upload and view your activities on your MySports account automatically after your training
    * Automatically update your watch's QuickGPSFix
    You can read more about the app and the accompanying watch software update here: link to

    Update your watch to Software version 1.6.12 in order to get and use the new functions. Thanks again for your feedback and support!
    Anonymous2017-07-22 04:00
    Anonymous2017-07-22 04:42
  4. The manufacturer commented on the review belowSee comments
    39 of 40 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars Promising GPS watch that does not quite live up to it's promise - UPDATED, June 23, 2015
    Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    I have had this GPS watch for just under a year now. I am a marathon runner and spend a lot of time traveling so I thought a GPS watch would be nice to have when I am running in unfamiliar places. I have found it to be a good companion to my running; simple to use and easy to upload the stats. I was looking for an affordable and not to complex a watch; one that could handle being in rain storm and one that the buttons couldn't accidentally be pushed. It is a little big on my small wrist but it works. I have been happy with this watch until recently. On May 10, 2015, I ran the Delaware Marathon. At 5 hours and 15 minutes, within sight of the finish line, the watch died. The MAIN reason I bought this watch, was because the manufacturer stated an 8 to 10 hour battery life on GPS. I have run 22 marathons - all in the 5 hour to 5:30 range - so I needed something that would last. This weekend, I ran the Vancouver USA marathon: this time, I left the watch in the charger until I left the hotel room to go to the start, and I did not activate the GPS until just before the gun. This time, just past mile 24, just shy of 5 hours, the watch died. I am SO disappointed; and beginning my search for something different.

    UPDATED: July 6, 2015
    I am impressed that Tom Tom is monitoring these reviews and responded so quickly. Within a few days, I was in touch with Tom Tom who send me a fed ex label to return the watch and today I received a new one in the mail. I did not expect to get a new one! I also received a new charger. I have just gotten it all set up and look forward to having it again for my runs. My next marathon is a few months away and I will be putting the battery life to the test then.
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    Anonymous2017-07-22 04:44
  5. stem
    The manufacturer commented on this review(What's this?)
    Posted on Jun 24, 2015, 4:19:03 AM PDT
    TomTom says:
    Hi A Lee,

    I am sorry to hear about the negative experience you had with the TomTom Runner GPS watch during your runs. The battery issues you described should not happen. If you are willing, would it be possible for you to send an email to This way we can assign one of our experienced agents to take a closer look at the case.
    Anonymous2017-07-22 04:53
    Anonymous2017-07-22 05:23
  7. The manufacturer commented on the review belowSee comments
    116 of 125 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars Blazing GPS, Accurate, great watch!, April 11, 2015
    B. Fifield (Western NC USA) -
    Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch (Grey) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I used to have a Timex Ironman GPS watch I bought on Amazon a year ago. Overcomplicated, useless GPS! Frustrating for a beginner runner!
    This TomTom Runner GPS (non- multisport) is a gem.The user manual is the shortest I have ever seen. Not very useful but tons of great videos online go over every cool feature in this awesome watch!
    Clean easy to read and use interface. Sensible navigation features, what a relief! Has a Run/Treadmill/Stopwatch/Alarm feature that is all I need. In addition I can preset 5K goals and other Interval goals by time or distance that have awesome features to keep me on track for objectives. Really easy settings, uncomplicated, very readable display.
    Now for the good stuff ... blazing fast accurate GPS! They call it Quick GPS ... like NO kidding. My first time was about 25 seconds, not bad by even the best high priced watches out there. The next time it was a freaky 3-4 SECONDS to get GPS. I traveled 200 miles away and tested GPS several times, still 3 - 6 SECONDS! I tested in a 5K this weekend and the measurements were spot on in a fairly rural area of Kannapolis NC.
    You do need to recharge it with your computer/laptop to get the latest software update. Looks like they are constantly improving and maximizing features. It also re-aligns the Quick GPS! I have a Mac Book Pro and downloaded the companion TomTom file.
    Before I bought it I read all the reviews. Some say it's a pain to connect and update ... but to have it work so fast and so well ... you tell me? Definitely not a problem or concern for this runner. I wear as my daily watch with the GPS disabled in Airplane mode. I called TOMTOM and they said it should run for about 15 - 20 days without recharge if so desired. Comfortable for all day wear. Looks sharp!
    The Bluetooth sync with my Android phone is awesome with tons of running stats and info. Track my run mapped very clearly, impressive.
    What a pleasant change from my $150 Timex GPS!
    Had it for 2 weeks, loving so far. Amazing watch, clear intuitive display and navigation ... what can I say ... Exactly what I was looking for! Very pleased, highly recommended.
    Pics are what watch looks compared to my previous daily watch and some Android sync Activity from a recent run. Times are slow, be nice, I am a new runner!
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    Anonymous2017-07-22 06:03
  8. stem
    The manufacturer commented on this review(What's this?)
    Posted on Apr 14, 2015, 7:43:22 AM PDT
    TomTom says:
    Dear B. Fifield,

    Thank you for the review and I'm happy to read that you are generally satisfied with the TomTom Runner Watch. Please note that we also have a user manual which you can download here I hope this further improves your experience. I will share this with the relevant teams as we continue to try and improve the features and functionality of our products.
    Anonymous2017-07-22 06:08
    Anonymous2017-07-22 07:00