Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone – Midnight

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Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone – Midnight

Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Midnight

  • GSM Version (for AT&T and TMobile networks in the US; best choice for all international backers including Canada)
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 HSPA 850/900/1700/1800/1900/2100 LTE Bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/20/28
  • Snapdragon 808 Memory: 3GB RAM / 32 GB onboard
  • 100 GB online Screen: 5.2″ IPS LCD 1080p, Gorilla Glass 4
  • 13MP with phase detection autofocus, dual tone flash Front camera: 5MP Battery: 2680 mAh Dual front facing stereo speakers Fingerprint sensor NFC Quick charging Bluetooth 4.0 LE WiFi A/B/G/N/AC
Meet Robin, the First Android phone that makes running out of space history. With the cloud integrated into Android OS, your onboard storage is merged with the cloud, so you always have the space you need. Robin seamlessly backs up your apps and photos, intelligently archives the stuff you’re not using, and easily restores items when you need them. Robin is designed to Stand out. It’s simple and distinct in form and function: every port, button, and sensor is thoughtfully placed and easy to use. For example, why have two buttons when one makes more sense? press the power button, leave your finger there for a Split second, and Robin is unlocked. It’s simple, the power button is a fingerprint sensor too.

List Price: $ 364.39

Price: $ 129.99

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  1. 354 of 374 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars Free from clutter, but not free from flaws (list of preinstalled apps at end), September 1, 2016
    J. Maxon (Texas, USA) -
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)    (VINE VOICE)   
    This review is from: Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Midnight (Electronics)
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    Update: On 1/27/17, Nextbit was acquired by Razer (the gaming hardware/software company). As of now, they are saying that the Robin will have one more year of software updates, and a 6-month hardware warranty. The Robin has been taken off sale in official channels (if you are buying this on Amazon, it’s likely through a seller that has some in stock still), and the manufacturing of new models has ceased. As of this update (02/02/17), I have yet to see what the official word is on Razer continuing the 100GB of cloud storage. Seems like an unusual acquisition, but hopefully Razer’s reputation will mean good things for the Nextbit line of phones (and won’t mean poor things for current owners of the Robin).


    Note, even though this phone is unlocked, it won’t work on Verizon Wireless or Sprint. There was a CDMA version in the works, but it was canceled before launch. It does, however, work for LTE and HSPA bands such as T-Mobile and AT&T. Also, this uses the smaller Nano SIM like the iPhone rather than the slightly larger Micro SIM that is found in many android phones. For instance, I have both the Note 4 and LG G4, which use the micro SIM so I had to get a nano from my cellular provider. T-Mobile charges $20 for a new SIM, but they gave it to me free because I’ve been a customer for 9-years. Since there are times that I switch between phones, I also ordered a SIM adapter kit for a few bucks. The nice thing about owning the smaller nano SIM is that you can easily increase its size with an adapter to work on macro phones. That way I can still use the Note 4 and G4 when I want to.

    ####### SETUP #######

    The phone came at about 50% battery life, so I charged it before using. Setting up the Robin was pretty simple and easy. If you already own an android phone, you can copy over your Google Accounts, apps and data. You just need to have NFC turned on in your other device (for me, it was my Note 4). Then hold the phones back to back. While this seemed to work, for whatever reason, the Robin was extremely slow at downloading and installing my apps. (Rather than transferring them from the old phone to the new, it simply accesses the download location on the Google Play Store.) After waiting several hours, I decided to do a factory reset on the Robin and just installed everything fresh. This worked more smoothly and wasn’t bogged down when downloading.

    ####### DATA #######

    It picked up my T-Mobile data pretty well; was able to access email, the app store and browser the internet. But I was getting errors when people sent me MMS messages, which is basically texts that contain images, video, or audio. To fix this, I had to go to Settings > More > Cellular network and then click on “Access Point Names.” From there, I selected the T-Mobile US 260 entry, which was defaulted to on, then added T-mobile’s massively long URL which has mms.msg in the chain (Amazon won’t let me post links, but you can google it), and then added “mms” to the list under “APN type.” (eg. It now shows, “default,supl,mms”). After rebooting, I was able to see media in texts. I don’t exactly know why this was necessary as there is an APN record called “T-Mobile MMS” on the list already, but it wasn’t working.

    The good news is they didn’t leave out the tethering and portable hotspot feature. I use this when I’m out and about and want to either give data to my iPad Air or the phone I’m letting my daughter use that doesn’t have an active SIM. While there isn’t a shortcut for the Home screen to turn the hotspot off or on, you can toggle it from the menu that appears when you drag down twice from the top of the screen.

    ####### BUILD #######

    As far as the Robin’s marketing goes, the cursing in the product video seemed a bit childish to me, but I get they are trying to be trendy and hip and aim for a more modern crowd. Keeping that in mind, I found it ironic that their original white/teal design looked a bit childish; more like a toy. Thankfully they offer a midnight version, which [IMHO] appeals to a more mature taste. I was worried that the boxy design wouldn’t sit comfortably in my hand, but because I have large hands that didn’t prove to be an issue for me. Granted -- since the Robin is so thin and not very wide -- I found it a bit awkward to hold in two hands when typing on. It will take some practice to get used to, but I can see a case helping here by adding bulk. What I did find slightly uncomfortable about this design was the pointed corners when in my front pocket -- not that it poked me, but I definitely felt a difference. I also find that the polycarbonate material makes the phone somewhat slippery. Since there’s no texture on the plastic surface to add friction, I... Read more
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    J. Maxon2017-06-28 03:09
  2. 462 of 504 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars Growing Pains, April 30, 2016
    J. Ruff -
    (REAL NAME)   
    This review is from: Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Midnight (Electronics)
    I backed the Nextbit Robin at the end of the Kickstarter campaign. After reading several reports of early backers having issues with the body warping due to heat issues I started second guessing my decision. My phone arrived without the Bruises case I ordered and I decided to wait on using it. After almost another month and still nothing from Nextbit I ordered an Orzly Fusion case that had just become available on Amazon. Thinking finally my patience had paid off I put in my (cut) T-Mobile SIM card and the phone refused to recognize it. I contacted Nextbit who suggested buying a new SIM card. I did, and that seems to have fixed that problem. After using my Robin for several days I noticed I had an issue with the screen not coming on when the power button was pushed. Again I contacted Nextbit who said this was a known issue that would be resolved with the Android 6.01 update being pushed out in April. The update was released on schedule but failed to resolve the problem.

    (Update 1) Thanks to Sarah F. at Nextbit I received my replacement Robin promptly. I’ve been using it now for about 2 weeks and have not experienced either of the issues I had previously. I did however have a problem sending/receiving SMS at first but, resetting the Access Point Names resolved it. On T-Mobile a MMS/WiFi bug seems to exist but I found a workaround by switching my default messaging app to Textra that supports “T-Mobile WiFi calling fix” in MMS settings.

    (Update 2) The June update was just released which address the issue with volume levels and the “snap crackle pop” from the speakers you would sometimes hear (varied based on sound/music type). It has taken a while to convince me, but with this latest update and recent sales promotions (I paid more as a Kickstarter backer) I would recommend Robin to anyone who: (1) are moderate phone users (my battery lasts all day), (2) hate pre-installed bloatware on their phones, (3) believe timely Android updates are important, (4) have an interest in flashing custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod, (5) appreciate an active community of employee/end-user support.

    I believe the Nextbit team should be commended for all the hard work on delivering a crowd supported phone more/less on schedule, with the promised features intact, and for their customer service efforts. The Android 6.01 update has fixed the slow camera which was the most common complaint with the initial release and also confirmed Nextbit’s commitment to timely Android updates. Now that Nexbit’s terrible twos are behind them I believe consumers buying a Robin now are more likely to have a positive experience then early backers.
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    J. Ruff2017-06-28 03:32
  3. 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars Great value., January 11, 2017
    Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Midnight (Electronics)
    This phone gets 5 stars for value. When I ordered it in the end of 2016, it had 2014 flagship specs and only cost $170. So why didn't I didn't just get a 2014 flagship then? The answer is updates. Phones that are 2 years old generally don't any more updates which I would lose both security updates and new features from android.

    -Value (specs vs price)
    -Fingerprint scanner works well.
    -Screen is very nice and clear.
    -Software updates. The beta version Nougat is already available and a final version should be released soon.
    -Openness. The company encourages unlocking the bootloader and installing custom ROMs. They even have a section on their website forum devoted to this. Furthermore, this will NOT AFFECT THE WARRANTY. Feel free to play all you want.
    -The company. The company has been very engaged with it's customers. Very refreshing to see for a phone company.

    -The camera is sub-par. While the color and white balance are OK, and the pics are fine for social media, when you zoom in they look pixelated and over processed. On the plus side, it does support Camera2 API so you can download other camera apps with advanced features.
    -No USB OTG. This means that you can't use USB peripherals such as thumb drives.
    -Limited bluetooth protocols. Things connected over bluetooth like car stereos have no access to your text messaging.

    Meh (matter of personal taste):
    -The stock launcher. It doesn't have an app drawer and widgets aren't able to be placed on the wallpaper. You need to pinch the screen to access widgets. This is not a big deal as there are many 3rd party launchers out there.
    -Cloud storage. Personally I don't use this feature as I like to retain control of as much of my data as possible (yes I know Google and others already own me...). I would have preferred and SD card slot.

    Bottom line:
    If you don't need a great camera but want a solid phone for an affordable price this is for you.
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    Chaimav2017-06-28 03:58