Kinesis SafariSack 4.2 (Khaki / No Fill) Reviews

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Kinesis SafariSack 4.2 (Khaki / No Fill)

Kinesis SafariSack 4.2 (Khaki / No Fill)

  • DESIGN-This rugged bean bag is for supporting a DSLR, mirrorless or video camera on a vehicle, car window, chair, table, tree limb, fence post or on the ground. It is quicker to use than a tripod. The bag has a zippered compartment-filler, such as polyethylene beads, buckwheat hulls, rice, beans etc. can added w/o the need for a liner.
  • MODES OF USE-It can used in three modes: 1) flat, providing a large “lower to the ground” shooting surface; 2) saddlebag mode, with the side straps cinched, elevating your camera. Drape it over the edge of a partially raised car window or place it on the ground to shoot flowers or insects; or 3) ballast mode-hang it on a tripod or light stand to stabilize in the wind or when using super-telephoto lenses. It is also for supporting a rife at the range.
  • BUILD QUALITY-It is constructed of a combination of durable 400-denier and 420-denier Ripstop Nylon fabrics. We don’t use cheap polyester fabrics like many imports!). Additionally, the bottom has a rubberized-type fabric that keeps the sack in place when placed on a vehicle or other slick surface. It is double stitched throughout and reinforced at the webbing junction points.
  • INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL-When traveling abroad take the empty version and fill it locally with rice, beans or bird seed. Then, upon completion of the shoot, dump the contents, returning home with an empty, compact bag.
  • Designed & Crafted in the USA

The SafariSack™ has been in production for over ten years. It has been duplicated by others, but as they say, “copying is the best form of flattery.”

  • We offer you a choice of fill. Polyethylene beads are the most stable, but heavier than the buckwheat hulls. For lenses up to 200mm, the buckwheat is adequate.
  • The 4.2 features a side gusset, allowing a thicker volume of filler when in half saddlebag style.
  • The ends are slightly rounded for easier handling.
  • D-rings on the ends for carrying over the shoulder with a shoulder strap (# Y215 is adjustable, unpadded & 1″ / 25 mm wide).
  • With the sewn-in strap, it can be securely fastened to the rack on the top of a Land Rover which is common on safari…or your own mini-van or SUV! If you want a longer strap, get the # Y208.
  • You can add water, sand or pebbles to use as a ballast to stabilize a tripod or light stand in the wind. We recommend the use of an optional liner for sand (R107) or choose the R425 SafariSack II for a simpler, less expensive ballast bag; use the R106 water bladder with it.


Flat dimensions: 9.4 x 15.7″ (24 x 40 cm)
Empty weight w/o shoulder strap: 5.0 oz. (144 g)
Polyethylene beads filled weight (incl. the sack): 5 lbs. 8 oz. (2.5 kg) approx.
Buckwheat hulls filled weight (incl. the sack): 1 lb. 7 oz. (660 g) approx.
Recommended fill volume: 260 cu in or 4.4 qts (4.2 L)

Black Empty SKU # R427-K or UPC # 680474822621
Khaki Empty SKU # R427-H or UPC # 680474822638
Black Poly SKU # R429-K or UPC # 680474822669
Khaki Poly SKU # R429-H or UPC # 680474822652
Black Buck. SKU # R428-K or UPC # 680474822645
Khaki Buck. SKU # R428-H or UPC # 680474822638

List Price: $ 33.00

Price: $ 33.00

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